Christina Milian’s Weird Platinum E Hookah Commercial (VIDEO)

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Christina Milian Hookah Commercial Video

We don’t know how we missed this, or what to make of Christina Milian’s new Platinum E Hookah commercial.

The video, meant to promote her hookah business venture, features the 32-year-old singer/actress arriving to a mansion in a grey Ferrari, with an electronic hookah in hand. From there, we see Milian (who was booted from the ABC dancing competition Dancing With The Stars this week) in an array of outfits while she smokes her lungs out in a pool, on a balcony, inside an empty room, and back inside a different car.

We see no other soul in this commercial, which just makes this whole thing look a bit self-centered on Milian’s part (or her team’s). Shouldn’t Milian have invited someone else to at least smoke with her in the video? Just seems odd to have a gorgeous woman smoking alone in an empty mansion, yet she’s trying on all these different outfits, only to leave the house again. WHAT IS THE POINT?!

This commercial stressed us the eff out and now, we just want to smoke something. Oh, okay….


  • universal

    the dream should have stayed with this cute latina.#DAMNthatgirlfine

  • Meandmybish

    This is a little hard to watch

  • Sun-SHINE

    I’m lost, are the e-cigs the same as Hookah??? IDK cause I don’t F*ck with none of that, gotta keep it cute!

  • Heavens Height

    The only reason this commercial is weird is because it’s too damn long! A commercial with no dialogue shouldn’t even last longer than maybe 20 seconds. The fancy cars and mansion, I think is suppose to make one think that the Hookah stick is just as luxurious and it isn’t. Christina was just the model but the director or creative team behind this concept need to do better.


    so….a singer promoting hookah. Whatever works i guess…

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