Latina Selfies That Put Kim K To Shame!

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Latina Selfies That Would Put Kim K To Shame!

Kim Kardashian posted her latest “no filter” selfie on Instagram showing her post-baby figure in a sexy one-piece swimsuit. That may be impressive, but she has nothing on our own! Check out which Latina celeb behind selfies will put Kim K to shame…

  • Drizzy

    Do you know what a selfie is?

  • Drizzy

    Selena Gomez on any list with that title? You should lose your job.

    • John

      Selena is a beautiful young lady

  • Jannine Shaw

    None competed with Kim

    • kissmyaszboss!p

      you are right– go to any website and there is no bigger heaux than kum k.. no one has slept with as many celeb stars on each webpage whether black white or latino…..

      TJ Jackson 1994- 1998

      -Damon Thomas 2000- 2004

      -Ray J March 2006 – February 2007

      -Reggie Bush May 2007 – March 2010

      -Bow Wow

      -Nick Cannon

      -Cristiano Ronaldo April 2010

      -Shengo Deane April 2010

      -Miles Austin June 2010

      -Gabriel Aubry (only man smart enough to use Kim asz) November 2010

      -Kris Humphries November 2010 – April 2013

      -Kanye West March 2012

      WHY DOES KUM K POST SELFIES LIKE A BROKE BASIC CHICK…. KIM IS THE thirstiest chick on social media– she got the man , ring amd baby and she still very THIRSTY…….

    • John

      that’s correct Jan, there were no dogs or pigs in the pictures

  • john

    Shame Kim Kardashian? or ANY Kardashian? That implies there is someone or something lower than them and that does NOT exist!

  • Konrad (Kurt) Hennig

    Exactly! The Kardashians have no shame so that goes nowhere from the offing and why has that “show” of theirs not been moved to Animal Planet where it belongs?

  • Konrad (Kurt) Hennig

    Also, that behind of hers has been manhandled if not personally explored by half of the western urban US and is a purchased product made by MATTEL…so it doesn’t count as authentic…eeeewwww! yuck!

  • Marita Zampari

    Where is Lana Parrilla the hotest ever?