MUA Box Founder Lidia Bonilla On Toys, Sex Taboo For Latinas & More (EXCLUSIVE)

Dec 9, 2013 By: 5:36 pm Tags: ,

What does your family think about your invention now?

“My father is like, ‘What?’ I don’t know if he understands it yet, but my mother is hilarious about it. She’s very conservative so for a while, I hid it from her because I was so paranoid about what she would think. I thought she would disown me or something. My mom comes to visit me and she spends forever in my house. She asked me what I was doing and I told her, ‘I’m coming up with a box.’ And she said ‘Boxes are everywhere,’ and I said, ‘No, not like my box.’ So finally I told her and she asked if there was a market for this. I told her, ‘I think so’ and she said, ‘Well, you gotta give what the people want.’ I said ‘What?!’ [Laughs] I thought, if my mother understands this product, then it will do really well.”

How many things can you store in the case?

“Comfortably, about three of four toys. The soft case was meant for a conventional user – someone who is entering into sex toys. Both the box and case hold toys up to 8 inches. The case holds lubricant, bullets, light handcuffs, a lot of different things.”

How do you feel about the campaign?

“I’m nervous. I’m a little scared, but not rally. I’m really happy that people understand the product and are embracing it the way they have. Just like anything new, there’s a level of fear in it.”