Britney Spears Says Most Racist Comment About Latinos (VIDEO)

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Britney Spears Racist Comment Against Latinos

¿Qué? We all know Britney Spears is a bit loca, but she recently showed us just how crazy she really is. In a recent interview with Univision, the “Perfume” singer was asked what she loves most about Latin culture, in which she responded that we are hot and sexy…and hot.

She also added:

“I’ve always loved Latinos. They make me think of a bad boy type that your father wouldn’t let you go out with.”

Umm…okay. What Latino would introduce her to his family? She has flashed her crotch, made out with Madonna onstage, shaved her head and beat a car with a bat once. We think it is the other way around, Brit Brit.



  • get it right ppl

    Throwing the racist word around again I see. This is getting pathetic.

    • k-fed

      Maybe it wasn’t racist but I’m sure you can understand how it was OFFENSIVE. The same thing with Brandi Glanville’s recent comments.

      • get it right ppl

        Yes, offensive maybe but not racist. I’m getting tired of the word racism being thrown around like a ball. There’s real racism going on in this world, not offensive remarks.

        • lol

          I am tired of the stereotyping and yes im so sick of white folks saying crap about another race and then apologizing.. just shut your damn big mouth and you wont have to.. all this mess is done on purpose and lets see how they feel when blacks and browns get to talking about their dirty deeds , and they have sa lot of them ..oh wait, we can always apologize.. i forgot about that.. let me get to talking about them.

  • RedScorpion

    i love Latinos too ? does that make me a racist and yes they are kinda bad lol :-d

  • Seiko Is K.I.N.G

    That wasn’t racist. STOP IT!

  • Witchdoktor

    Fake headline. Where’s the racism? OK. Another site to get banned from my list.

    • CarltonGebsHairyBalls

      A stupid white girl tries to be funny or give a compliment and yes many times it is offensive because they just don’t think how it really sounds. Just like Brandi Glanville. It might not have been racist but change it around and have J-Lo say the same thing about white men. You would be crying foul and you know it. Be more empathetic and people won’t be so quick to view you as racist.

      • get it right ppl

        So are you saying because someone says something offensive that now equates to being racist?

        • OverExplainingRacism2WhitePpl

          Yes. It is racist. Racism is used to offend, you don’t have to straight up say “I HATE LATINOS!!” to be racist. If what they’re saying offends racially…. It is racist.

          • get it right ppl

            Learn the definition of racism.

          • Witchdoktor

            She never said she hated latinos.

      • Witchdoktor

        Um. You do know that latino is a culture not a race, right? I guess you don’t. Latinos encompass everything from Spanish, Portugalians and Mexicans to Puerto Ricans, Brazillians, Cubans, Hondurans, Panamanians and the entire continent of South America. There’s no way to decipher which group she’s specifically talking about and all of those groups are diversely different. Some are caucasian, while others are native american, black or a mixture of all three like Cubans and Puerto Ricans. It has nothing to do with race. Read a book.

    • get it right ppl

      When I see your name I think of my favorite club song by Armand Van Helden from back in the day. I use to live it up in the club with all my “boys,” being the “f@g hag” that I was. Those were the days. (and before anyone says my comment was racist, it was not. My “boys” gave me that name.)

  • Nic

    DUMB yes, racist NO!

    • samdra lee porter

      its a racist stereotype.. she said one her parents wouldnt let her date… thats saying latino’s are all thugs.. judge the individual not the race.. she was judging the race just like she im sure feels the same way about blk men or worse…and YES it was racist because she judged and stereoryped latinos and thats the wholke race.. good and bad in every race… yes even your white race too Brittney! smdh!

      • get it right ppl

        Let’s try this again for all you idiots who don’t know what racism is.

        Definition of RACISM:
        1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
        2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
        3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

        No where in that definition does it say racism is offending someone or stereotyping. Ask black folk who’s family members were lynched due to the color of their skin what racism is. Oppression is racism, not a stupid comment from an ignorant person who forms a dumb opinion based on stereotypes.

  • DRUNK247

    Racist that’s not

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    who doesnt love a latino man?!
    but forreal i dont find what she said racist

  • people

    If u guys don’t think that it was inappropriate then soooo help u lord. She clearly thinks that most Latino guys are bad boys who behave thuggish and frighten old people, why wouldn’t ur parents let you date a latino. If you don’t think its generalisation (racists) then let me walk you to school. Without the l love Latinos this is what she sounds like (they make me think of a bad boy type that ur father wouldn’t let u go out on a date with). Okay now They. She needs a sit down

  • smackyobitchass

    Right… I don’t think that’s what she meant!

  • ShortyStackofAwesome

    LMAO!!! as a latino im not offended b/c that is too funny. shows how ditzy she really is

  • Asky Askerson

    WOW. What an idiot. She just is not a smart or good person, and she makes it obvious all the time. She even makes nasty faces at children, like she did on X Factor. She’s just rude and ignorant.
    It is kind of cute how the B-sip people cry racism about everything that affects the race they are in, but fume just like white people when they hear another minority claim racism. Gross, lame.