Chivas USA in Trouble: Are They a Racist Soccer Team?

Jul 25, 2013 By: 3:27 pm Tags: , ,

Is it racist for a soccer team to only hire Mexican players? Chivas USA is under fire for doing just that. Two former coaches for the team recently filed discrimination lawsuits after management decided to cut most of the team’s non-Mexican players.

Via ABC News:

Chivas USA actually hired players of all sorts of backgrounds for several years. But after three losing seasons and a dismal showing in 2012, Chivas USA has, in the words of its owner, “gone back to its roots” — packing its roster with players of Mexican descent or citizenship for the 2013 season, and firing most of its non-Mexican players and coaching staff.

Latina journalist Soledad O’Brien investigates the issue for HBO’s Real Sports. In the trailer, she states:

“I think it’s pretty shocking to think that in 2013, there is a major league sport in America where the players and the coaches are alleging discrimination. It’s stunning.”

We would have to agree. Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts!

  • Futbol

    Of course they are! This is going to get even uglier…

    • charlieblanko1

      I agree. The owner is a billionaire, though. So, he should just settle and get it over with.

      • MLS Fan

        But the Commish Don Garber is going to step in and force him to sell the team a possiblily renamed.

        • charlieblanko1

          I’ve heard the same. I hear Arizona or New Mexico, which would make sense. I love the Galaxy… but I hate Chicas.

  • Nigg.Newton

    If they winning…WHO CARES…

    • LP

      They’re not winning. Chivas USA is in last place in the Western Conference.