15 Celeb Plastic Surgery Jobs: Before and After


Angelique Boyer

As her telenovela roles have matured, so has her looks. You can thank the doctor who did her breast implants for that.

  • pink nips not brown

    no one cares about a bunch of wetback boobies, yuck!

    • Lars Landover

      Wetback? Racist much?

    • Mel Pell

      Isn’t there a sign to say “No white-trash posts here” ? You are a disgrace to humanity, let alone to whatever color you pretend to belong to.

  • Mark

    boob jobs…one of the greatest inventions ever

    • TheFlashingScotsman

      Or one of the worst, depending on if you like boobs more than basketballs.

    • tiger

      I’m with Mark.

  • TheFlashingScotsman

    Yep, as expected. I looked at all 15, didn’t see even one that is in improvement.

    • Lars Landover

      Totally agree. The natural shape is way better than those ones that look so out of place.

    • tiger


      • TheFlashingScotsman

        Hey, you like phony plastic basketballs surgically attached to a woman’s chest, I like boobs. To each his own.

  • Zant

    I like the befores better

  • hardlyfast

    So sad and a total waste of perfectly good breast. If any women are reading this: It does Not look good or natural by any means, leave ’em alone!

    • DaKBro

      Incorrect. Some look great!!!!

    • tiger

      not true.

  • nobody

    ummm…. None of these ladies have had boob jobs! Consider that a majority of them have had kids, weight gain, other hormonal changes, and nothing beats a good push up bra

    • tiger

      Uh, the breast fairy dropped by?

  • YoungL

    The befores look good and the afters are grotesque.

  • Breaking Very Bad

    I prefer bigger boobs. That said, I rather be with a woman that is natural. If she is smaller on top, that is ok. I am not into tattoos either. Keep it real.

    • islanq

      Amen to this! Tattoos make people look dirty! I don’t care how, “nice,” the, “art,” is. When you see a beautiful women covered in tattoos it’s like putting bumper stickers on a Ferrari!

  • contraryjim

    AIR heads

  • JustSaying

    This is so stupid! A couple of these girls grew up gained weight therefore their breasts got bigger (Cristina Aguilera and Mariah Carrey). As for the rest of them, it’s just a change in the outfit or bra they’re wearing. I don’t see any dramatic difference except fo Fergie!

  • The_Nick_Falzone

    Eva Longoria has definitely NOT had work done. She’s as flat-chested as ever.

  • JerseyJohn

    All of them looked way better before than after. Personally Big Floppers don’t do anything for me . Small to medium size are best, they have less to no droop or sag and when hey girl gets old they don’t hang down to their knees

  • groscoe

    My choice are women with great leg definition in high heels…..

  • Sally

    The only one who looks better after is Nicole Richie. All the rest look better before.

  • HarveyMushman

    I like tits…they give me fits!!!!

  • Jacob Seitz

    Way too much attention given to the boobs. Not necessary. A good woman is much more than just big boobs.

    • watersisland

      Yah, really…..cause we really know how to appreciate a good Butt too!

  • Budd Smith

    A slim woman with gigantic fake boobs looks bad. One of the most beautiful woman I ever saw was a delivery girl for the shop I worked in. She was slim, small boobs, but they fit her body. One day she came in sporting giant fake boobs. The attraction was gone, and I felt sorry for her.

    • Kevin

      Explain to me why gay men would care about a woman’s breast size. Or are you trying to score points here with women?

  • saganaki

    The problem I have with this excuse to ratchet up the page hits is it doesn’t give any compelling arguments. A lot of the “enhancement photos” can be attributed to weight gain, clothing technology (aka Wonder bra) or just plain growing up. Take Christina Aguilera for instance. Arguing against a boob job, she’s had her well publicized weight gain. The “before” picture is when she was only 19 and possibly still physically developing.

    Not saying there aren’t any enhancements. But at least point out other reasons. for instance Kate del Castillo has that tell-tale cleavage gap associated with large subcutaneous implants.

    • ycplum

      I hear what you are saying and pretty much agree with it, but Christina Aguilera is a bad example. She definately got augmented. They don’t move right. Britney Spears may be a better example. Breast can continue to fill out in the late teens and early twenties and after child birth. Plus, if she had gotten breast implants, they would have looked better. She would not have accepted tolerated pointing nipples. ; )
      Many of the already busty stars simply have better bras (that put in double overtime) in the later states of life.

  • Sugartits

    To call telenovella stars from another country “Celebrities” is crazy… With every click its like, Who??

    • Anon

      To act like you have to be a star in America in order to be a celebrity is obnoxious, self-absorbed idiots like you are why people hate America.

    • Lily

      They are celebrities, just not here in America. That being said, I didn’t know who the hell they are either. BTW, Fergie looks like a tranny.

  • Aset DenMother Griffith

    Have no clue who half these “celebs” are… but Eva Longoria’s photo… they could have done a better job to prove that she had work done… she looks the same size just in a life vest so u cant really see. Whats with all these Hispanic and Latin stars getting boob jobs?

  • Pedro Martinez

    Generally speaking, after market is greater than factory. Factory will droop too much over time.

    • Jay Schuls

      well if the bumpers start to sag over time you can always add a lift kit but you should try to keep it OEM for the resale value

  • citizensp

    Natural is better.

  • Evan

    Most of the women look better before the boob job. Keep it real.

  • jdmaya.jdm

    She looked better before.

  • http://www.lies.all.lies.com/ TrollyTrollTrollTroll

    Got to say, some look better before while others look better after. THANK YOU FOR THE BOOB JOBS ladies!

  • Fripperton

    I don’t even know 98% percent of these.

  • AkaBatGirl

    Holy Mother of Silicone.

  • knowtheledge

    You use the word CELEBRITY very loosely.

  • Ric Montalban Jr.

    The main point, to me, is not if they look good or bad but the woman’s lack of self-esteem and weak character. I have no respect for a person who does what everyone else is doing, wears what everyone else is wearing or isn’t happy with what God gave them as far as their body.

  • naoma

    None and I mean NONE of them look better with the big boob jobs. You can always tell a fake set of them.

  • Moxie

    These beautiful women have fallen for the Barbie syndrome. Why butcher yourself and undergo the risks of surgery for two unnatural lumps of silicon on your chest? I wish these women would have the gumption to stand up for their own natural beauty – refuse the surgery – and leave the better example of self-worth for their young fans. If someone can’t love us and accept us for who we are, then why go through such extreme and artificial means? We should celebrate who we are as individuals, and not conform to such stupidity.

  • typicalblondy

    I personally have natural good sized breasts, however, if I could I probaby would do it only because there are so many cute strapless or small strapped dresses that look ridiculous bras on and strapless bras are useless. The fake breasts make these particular dresses look so much more attractive on a woman. Just my opinion.

  • Teri Overson

    This was simply a collection of then and now photos, some purely speculated to have work based on one picture having more of a bust. You know what keeps her breasts together at 54? A bra, you dinkus. And Nicole? I may not be a fan, but she did have a baby. They elarged themselves because… *gasp* thats what they’re for. Get better writers. Better yet? Write something worth reading.

  • TLT

    That doesn’t look like Fergie that looks like Nikki Cox before she f-ed up her face.

  • TLT

    Yes Christina is proud of her girls!

  • TLT

    I hate when they are so big!

  • TLT

    They need to keep in mind that she is not that tiny girl anymore, she is a women, so she filled out as well.

  • TLT

    At least Nicole’s boobs aren’t over the top.