Bangin’ Booty Battle: J.Lo vs. Kim Kardashian

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Celebs With Curves

These ladies have been known for their curvas, among other talents, and make sure to milk it for all it’s worth! While J.Lo has been on the block longer, Kim Kardashian has definitely grabbed some (umm) inspiration from the Boricua star. Who has the most bangin’ body?

Click through for more photos and you be the judge!



  • @BrieCeleste

    Boht of those arses are old news… NEXT!


    J-LO IS THE QUEEN !!!!!!!

  • TalentlessKim

    J-Lo’s body is real, Kim’s is fake. J-Lo wins.

    • CauseImSelina

      Thinking the same thing, and JLo just looks better with hers

    • Jihad Abdur-Rahman

      J-Lo is to old to compete with Kimmy Kakes We was checking for her in the late 90’s early 2000’s now it’s time to sit her old asz down and respect Kimmy

  • Jessica Wilson

    J.Lo had surgery to decrease her butt and still bigger than Kim. J.Lo wins this one.

  • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

    WTF is Lossip?

  • chplusink

    J-Lo; not based on booty, but the fact that she’s famous for talents other than being famous (if one could consider that a talent).

    • Jihad Abdur-Rahman

      Famous for PHUCKING half of the NYC hip-hop scene in the late 90’s It’s Kimmy Kakes bytches don’t hate, congratulate and if you get the opportunity participate and never ever spectate

  • Hater

    JLO all the way!!!
    Reason: the butt is real, she looks super great at 44yo, even so after having twins and atleast holds some talent! The Armenian heaux is nothing compared to that, butt is fake, she is fake with nada talents, looks like a darn whale right about now and is having her kid out of wedlock… heaux gon be heaux!

    • Jihad Abdur-Rahman

      J-HO is promiciuos also with 0 talent until that bytch can hold a high note like Whitney ( RIP) or Mariah she can’t be considered a singer her acting skills are mediocre at best Kimmy Kakes run this chit

      • Antoine

        Why does a big black karate man even have an opinion on this? Pathetic. I shite on your face.

  • Jihad Abdur-Rahman

    Kim K hands down. Sorry old bytches young puszy is tighter and taste better