Adrienne Bailon on Hanging Out With Rob Kardashian’s Ex-Boo Rita Ora

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Adrienne Bailon Talks About Ex’s Ex on The Real

Seems like Adrienne Bailon is getting the last laugh. The Latina co-host decided to get real about her friendship with her ex Rob Kardashian‘s former boo, Rita Ora. The girls were previously snapped hanging out and sharing a laugh…possibly about Robcito?

In case you missed it, watch the clip and let us know if you agree with being friends with your ex’s ex. We are team Tamar on this one!



  • Dev

    Forever thirsty Balion strikes again. Her comments were full of contradictions about her relationship with Rita, and when she said “ya’ll know Rita Ora” and crowd said yes, they lied.

    • Troker

      hahaha, that cracked me up.
      Plus, if she really don’t care, why is Rob Kardashian ALWAYS a topic? Rob got more mentions on this show than on his own KUWTK

      • Cam


    • Mel

      true. Tamera asked the right question, that picture was not about proving how great she thinks Rita Ora is. That picture was supposed to kick Rob when he was already down and publicly humiliated that Rita had cheated on him.

      It was definitely meant to get under his skin, Adrienne wanted him to feel like crap. If she *Really* didnt care, she wouldn’t have posted that pic.

  • lol

    This Adrianne chick is wack,, who cares about her or that rita chick,, f both of them@ac4db94416ae5bdf7609c0097fd90471:disqus

  • Hater

    Lies you tell @Adrienne Bailon
    BTW – why is fatso douchebag Rob ALWAYS the topic??? Dafuq! The thirst is real!

    • keepinginformed

      rob is the always the topic cus otherwise Adrienne wouldn’t be relevant.

  • Llegra

    Nasty girlzs. What Tamar should have asked is do they ompare notes..eeeeeew. This is not about moving on from the guy but the patheticness that both friends slept with same man. Eeeeeeewwwwwww

  • Huh

    Surprising to say, Tamar has more sense than everyone on that stage and that’s bad.

  • EvilA

    Stop trying to make this show happen, it is not going to happen

  • Melody Carroll

    why is tamar on here I don’t watch

  • Lawrence Smith

    What they should have asked her was “How do you feel about Rob being able to look at the photo and say, yea I smashed both them broads”. Tamar is right.

  • Sthefinest

    Tamar is soooooo right, But I think that is really a sista girl code…..A code I have lived by
    my whole life…..I don’t want NOTHING my friends done had and it best be vise versa. That was a perfect time for Tamar to say “GET YA LIFE”……

  • PrinceBlanco

    Tamar keeps it real 24/7

  • jennifer

    this chic (balion) STAY having rob kardashian’s name coming out of her mouth. she dated due SIX yrs ago. if she’s so over him then why does she keep referencing THAT relationship???

  • Lemel Singletary

    Tamar NEVER lets’s me down!..#TeamTOOReal!

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