Kobe Bryant Shows Off Bikini Pic Of Wifey Vanessa on Instagram

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Kobe Bryant Posts Pic of Wife Vanessa

Kobe Bryant has been feeling extra romantic towards his amorcito lately. The Lakers star recently posted a sexy pic of his wife Vanessa on Instagram.

Bryant’s caption read:

“Miss my #Qm #allreal #Ishouldknow #CapriSun #chinatour”

All real? We don’t know about that, but she looks great anyway! What do you think?

Kobe Bryant Wife


    Call me old fashion or just not able to get with this new way of living that the majority (it seems) of people seem to live, but why do people starve for attention like this? I mean, this couple have been together and married for over a decade, they have two children, beaucoup cash, much fame, and everyone knows how they live as far as vacations, Vanessa’s bling, their home, etc. Are the pics these celebrities (and wanna-be celebrities) post DAILY a way to just remind their sheep to “look at me, look at what I have, look at my body (although I’m a married woman), look where I shop, look at what I bought, look at what I eat, look at what I drive, look look look.” Why is this necessary? What are people learning from this? I truly hope people wake up and fast. Blogs are one thing but FB, Twitter and IG are all ways to keep people distracted from the things that are really going on. Everyone is focused on what everyone else is doing and what they have instead of focusing on trying to make things better for our country and the AMERICAN people who live in it. People think lack of privacy and putting their business out for the WORLD to see is so wonderful, it’s only when this crap comes back to bite people in their a$$ do they learn a lesson (sometimes) and usually it’s too late. It’s true, once God is removed from everything (including ones own life) it is inevitable things will fall apart.

    • Lisa C

      I agree, noone gave a crap what they had for breakfast before twitter so why do they think we care now?? And then they complain they can’t get any privacy.

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  • William Banks III

    Kobe Bryant is living the dream. He’s the greatest basketball player of all-time (he played injured his entire career, and played better hurt) and he’s got a pretty wife, he speaks Italian, he plays world football, he’s still young and looking 20 years younger since dusting Dwight Coward off of his shoulders.

    • Montana Maxx

      WTF lol. You must have a problem with reality.

    • Mrs_Blonde

      Greatest of all time? Don’t think so.

  • cxrstat

    She is so pretty.

  • Cindy M.

    She is a beautiful Woman, but by Him taking those pictures make him looklook more like an idiot then he already is…What I mean is if he has this at home why would even the thought of cheating enter his pea brain!!!

  • ItIsWhatItIs

    Is that supposed to reassure her that he wont let the Black Mamba out the next time he thinks no one is looking? Sure Vanessa looks good but he cheated on her when she was a true banger in her prime. Then he cheated on her after two kids. and he’ll cheat again as her looks start to fade. Face it, Kobe is just one of those dudes that need new puzzy from time to time.