‘Godzilla’ Actor Victor Rasuk On Military Ties; Getting Sick in Hawaii (Video Exclusive)

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Actor Shares Relatable Personal Stories

Godzilla hits theaters tomorrow. Trust us on this: You won’t be disappointed.

Combine the greatest in CGI technology, a talented cast with a human element story, and you have the modern day take of the 1954 classic. The action quality is at it’s highest. The chemistry between the characters is heartwarming. There’s a possibility you’ll shed a tear.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

For those who have family or friends in the military, the story will resonate dearly.

VIctor Rasuk

We sat down with Latino actor Victor Rasuk, whose character, Sergeant Tre Morales is sent to take down Godzilla.

Rasuk shared his personal, military connection to his character, his time spent shooting (and being sick)  in Hawaii, and why he thinks fans of the original will appreciate the latest version.

Check out our  interview above!