You’re So Vain: Vanessa Bryant’s Best Instagram Selfies

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Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram Selfies

Vanessa Bryant is extremely active on Instagram – perhaps a bit of an addict. And Kobe Bryant‘s wife loves herself – that much is clear by the amount of selfies she posts on her account. We’re all guilty of it… don’t play. We decided it’d be fun to collect a few of Bryant’s prettiest selfies – click through to see which picks made the cut:

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  • sam

    1. Too much botox. Eyebrows shouldn’t be damn near at the hairline. 2. She needs a job. Way too much time on her hands.

    • Fed up with whiners

      So whos the model you’re dating. Post s picture of yourself so we can pick apart every part of your looks.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry!!!!! She is NOT cute!!!! Looks very average

  • Obvi

    Oh look. It’s jealous black girls from Bawsip coming in to hate some more.

    • sam

      W…h…0…r…e, don’t ever call me black, I’m Mexican and proud. If I don’t think she is cute, that’s my opinion.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        ^^^she mad

  • LucyLu

    who cares

  • LucyLu

    go volunteer at your kid’s school or something

  • vigal

    There are tons of others who post “selfies” all day long. Why pick her? Really? It appears that this was used so that MN can get lots more clicks. Leave the woman alone! Or how about you post your “selfies” as well! Geesh…let people live!

  • David Harte

    You get the sense neither of them knows that Narcissus drowned….

  • anonymous

    Get a life, or a job, or volunteer. How self-absorbed she is…

    • Tired of whiners

      How about you worry about your own life instead of wasting your time criticizing someone youve never met?

  • DJ

    She’s not nearly as good looking as she thinks she is. Scary eyebrows.

  • Peter Maguire

    that last picture is stunning – what a doll unreal those pouty lips are working

  • Peter Maguire

    gorgeous again #4

  • Peter Maguire

    well… number one is very captivating, she supposedly has put on weight but damn those eyes are seductive

    • ur a poopHEAD

      yea, give her 5-10 yrs, she gonna blow up like a blowfish. Kobe gonna be wishin’ he didn’t get that tattoo & that she left him way back in all that Colorado “rape” mess. Magic Johnson gonna be strolling up to Staples with Cookie & Kobe gonna have to roll his broad in! haha!

  • vern vern

    I really don’t see vain. Just because she posts pictures of herself? Everyone that has instagram does the same thing.

  • jose

    Husband cheats more than a few times and she still comes back. Gold digger or maybe she needs to be in the spotlight to make herself feel good?

    • Fed up with whiners

      Maybe u should stop judging people youve never met?

      • ur a poopHEAD

        maybe u shud stop trolling

  • PerksideCoffeeTruck

    She feels left out. Kobe has accomplished so much and all she has is Instagram and the fact she stayed with a cheater. Wait till she is 40, you want to talk about messed up psyche? ALL the signs are there!

  • PerksideCoffeeTruck

    Compare her picks to Jennifer Beals(Flashdance star) at ANY age, and you see the difference between a REAL BEAUTY and someone average trying to look prettier than her DNA allows. lol

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  • Fedup with whiners

    The comments section of every story on every website is full of critics who talk trash about someone theyve never met. Have any you perfect physical specimens ever seen vanessa bryant in person? Kobes helicopter lands on my building for every home game and they both take the elevator down and get driven to staples. She is absolutely gorgeous in person. So unless you all are supermodels, stfu.

    • M

      I’m a supermodel, does that make me a expert on beauty all of a sudden

  • Matthew Tiscareno

    This site sucks !!! Get a life !! Let her be the gorgeous lady she is . Sounds like the people who wrote this are very jealous !! Kobe is a very lucky man !

    • ur a poopHEAD

      Kobe ain’t lucky in the woman dept homie… u remember what happened to Mr. Named-After-A-Steak in Colorado? Remember that huge rock he had to hand over to Nessa? or that 1st & only tattoo he got?

      • Peter Maguire

        Kobe has multiple tatoos and the Katelyn Farber chick has been drug through rehabs and lost underwear galore since her BS got her rich off a dumbass NBA Player who should have smelled the scam coming. Hey he got off in more ways than one – and sneezed away 5mil for a bunch of crap that should have never went to press let alone court You can only wish to be as talented and as lucky to have such skill and such a great wife to stick through the toughest of times… most people walk away.

  • DWGC

    WOW!!! This is what being the best basketball player on the planet gets you – Exotic and Latina – Kobe is winning – you other pro basketball players need to take notes both on and off of the court – instead of settling for these run of the mill ghetto hair hat __’s

    • ur a poopHEAD

      i know what nations comprise Latina… what nations comprise Exotic?? besides, she gon’ look as round as a pinto bean in 5-10yrs