Missing The Biebs? Selenita Cries On Stage & Sings “Love Will Remember” (VIDEO)

Sep 10, 2013 By: 1:20 pm Tags: , ,

Selena Gomez Cries On Stage

Selena Gomez cries on stage while performing single, “Love Will Remember,” in front of thousands of fans at the Apollo over the weekend. Pobrecita Selenita.

Could it be her terrible singing skills? Or perhaps she really misses ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber? You be the judge.

  • Secret

    just maybe it could have been her crying that made her voice not sound up to your standards. Guess you didnt think about that huh?

    • PolkaDots

      Yes. I was thinking the same thing. FLAT, flat, flat! One snippet doesn’t tell the entire mood. Gotta hear the before the moment stuff. Otherwise, FLAT!

  • Shawn

    If anyone really knows Selena then they would know who that song is about and it’s not Justin Bieber.