20 of The Hottest Latino Athletes In The Game

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Hottest Latino Athletes In The Game

Football season just started, baseball season is getting ready to head into the play offs and a Latino just had one of the top grossing boxing matches of all time raking in millions in ticket sales. We love sports here at Lossip but we also love us some eye candy and we know you do too. So we’re gonna hold you down with our pick of the hottest Latino athletes. You’re welcome ladies.

  • 02241219

    After endless clicking I gave up. Not a cute one in the bunch

  • Fluffykitten

    Isnt carmelo half blk? Lol

    • shay

      Yes his mom black dad Puerto Rican but he’s still latino so why the lol

      • Jessica Wilson

        I consider them still black. People call the white latinos white because one of their parents are white. In my eyes, majority of them have more Native Americans and African Americans dominating the Caucasian race DNA in them. Latinos are mix with the same thing as the Creoles. Creoles name came from Latin America.

        • Charles Adams

          Creole is French it has nothing to do with South America/

      • ugotme

        Puerto Rican is not a race, there black afro latinos or euro white latinos, so essentially he Carmelo is BLack man just as the rest of the darker latinos consider themselves. There just black people that have origins from latin america

  • ChicanoSpeaksUp!

    Only the white guys are Latinos the colored ones are colored since Latinos are white.

    • https://www.instagram.com/realglamorouz RedScorpion

      being stupid must be hard

    • Guest

      Not all, but most Latinos are blends of other races. Just like Mexicans have Native American/Spanish roots, and how so many Africans and Europeans in Cuba are now known as Cubans.

  • GiantDixs

    I only date the ugly baseball players. They are nicer.

  • Theresa

    Latins have white skin straight hair and light eyes they are not negro like most of these negro athletes.

  • ugotme

    uhh the majority of cute ones are black latino, puerto rican is not a race… the Euro latinos are just so plan looking…blahh

  • gogettr

    some of you need to watch the documentary “blacks on Latin America” it will explain clearly racial variations with data and actual facts

  • gogettr

    i meant “blacks IN Latin America” excuse my typo lol